The Wicked Alliance returns!

Do you ever feel like you're juggling too many ideas, too many pieces of content, too many failing strategies and not enough time? Are you drowning in a sea of unorganized files and a never-ending to-do list? Are you struggling to find balance with clips, fanclubs, marketing, and more? 

Join us for the launch of the new Wicked Alliance! We'll be starting with Alexandra's Masterclass in Content Creation, which includes Fanclub Mastery, her amazing new Content Matrix System, Marketing and Promo Magic, and much more. 

Thank you!


Do you struggle with your brand, your content, social media, client management, revolving burnout, and navigating the minefield of the adult industry?

We're here to help.

From Chaos to Clarity: the Content Creator's Masterclass

The first class to launch in Feb, 2024!

Revolutionize your Adult Content Strategies & Organization with Alexandra Snow

Presented by the one and only Alexandra Snow, a content creation powerhouse with over 20 years of experience, this Masterclass is your golden ticket to a more organized, efficient, and profitable creative life.

This class will be the cornerstone for the Content Matrix system. After a few weeks, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 
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  • Streamline Your Workflow: Learn how to manage your brand without losing your mind.
  • Exclusive Tools: Get access to Alexandra's revolutionary content management system built inside Notion
  • Maximize Revenue: Unlock the secrets to monetizing your content effectively and efficiently
  • Organize ALL of Your Content: Tame all those years worth of random content that's collecting across various devices, monetize, and repurpose them

Expert Guidance

Learn from Alexandra Snow, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience and a knack for making complex topics accessible.

Revolutionary Tools

Get exclusive access to her groundbreaking complex content management system built on Notion. It's like having a second brain!

Actionable Strategies

Walk away with practical skills and money-making strategies that you can implement immediately. No fluff, all core information.


Who are these courses for?

These courses are designed for adult content creators who manage various types of digital media, which can include clip sites, fanclubs, custom videos, and more. Alexandra's information is universally applicable to both beginners and advanced creators, with real actionable information that can help transform your business. These courses are especially designed with neurodivergent creators in mind, as Alexandra has struggled with severe ADHD throughout her career and learned to work with it, not against it.

I took the original Content Creators classes in 2020, how are these different?

Our very popular classes from 2020 were designed for people who were struggling during the pandemic, and the information (while useful) was far from complete or comprehensive. We always intended to expand them, update them, and provide a better learning environment. These are full, multi-part courses that deep dive into everything from analytics to marketing strategies to how to organize and manage your content pipeline, all built on top of Alexandra's new Creator Matrix System (a $500 value alone). These techniques and strategies are 100% the same strategies that Alexandra has used in her brand over the last 20 years, but updated for modern platforms, user behaviors, market research, and more. 

How are the courses taught?

Each course is combination of short videos, audio recordings, walk-throughs, and written materials you can reference over and over at your own pace. Each course comes with workbooks, course materials, Alexandra's Creator Matrix system, and much more.

How much will these cost?

To make this information more accessible for a larger variety of creators, these classes will be done in two ways: a monthly membership, and a full class purchase. Monthly members can have access to all the materials at a lower rate, easing the barrier to entry. Because of the complexity of these materials and the work on the Creator Matrix System, these course prices will reflect the substantial amount of time and information given. This is why we recommend signing up now to receive a pre-launch discount, so you can get in early!

As always, a limited number of scholarships will be available for low income and marginalized creators each month. No gatekeeping. Everyone should have tools to get them to the top. 

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Feeling stuck?

  • Are you struggling to keep up with all the various types of content you have and how to monetize them? Or how to manage multiple platforms simultaneously?

Need flexibility?

Are you looking for a way to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, that gives you space to run your business and learn at the same time?

Frustrated with other materials?

Are you tired of taking courses that are just repackaged filler info, or worse, scams from people claiming to be experts?

Overwhelmed and burnt out?

Do you find yourself lost with how to maximize your time and efficiency, but feel that you can't slow down or it'll all come crashing down?