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What's included:

  • 12 modules / 16 weeks - 3 modules per month unlocked at a time to keep you on track 
  • Over 25 subtitled class videos + class notes
  • 4 live group Zoom calls with Alexandra ($400 value) 
  • The All-in-One Creator Matrix System built in Notion ($400 value)
  • Solutions for clips, customs, fanclubs, strategies, marketing, workflows, and more with dedicated dashboards
  • A complete business overhaul for any creator

4 installments of $100/month

From Chaos to Clarity: Content & Business Organization Masterclass

Do you feel like your content, your business, and well, your life, is varying degrees of chaos? Join the club! This is a Masterclass of epic proportions designed to help you implement a system to end all systems. Built inside Notion, the Content Matrix System helps to organize, inventory, categorize, monetize, and market your content, tracks your to-do lists, the status of all your spinning plates, understand your goals, track your stats and revenue, and so much more. 

But that's not all, this Masterclass shows you how to use the system, step by step, and then guides you through everything from organizing your files to content strategies to publish schedules on your platforms to navigating clips and customs with ease. 

16 Weeks


1-2 hours/week

Creator Matrix System

A $400 value alone -- included in this masterclass!
The first organization tool for adult creators, built by a creator. This system is unlike any Notion system you've ever seen before, with the ability to organize every single aspect of content creation from the content itself to marketing posts to tasks and projects to customs to clips, and so much more. 
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  • Organizes, integrates, and manages every single kind of content. No, really. 
  • Over 10 different dashboards, multiple visual options AND Assistant dashboards
  • Sales and Stats tracking to stay on course with your strategies
  • Planning and publishing calendars for every platform, including social media!
  • Customizable and flexible for any creator, no matter your experience
  • Full fanclub management with drip sets, livestreams, wall posts, and more.
  • Clips and customs management with filming, editing, publishing, repurposing, and more.
  • Streamlined tasks and to-do lists with integration into your goals and objectives
  • Model releases and IDs for performers, cross-referenced content recordkeeping


This class is not just a single video-- it's 12 Masterclass modules of various materials aimed at giving you a implementable plan to organize and tame your entire content load, every platform, every goal, all of it.

Exclusively designed for SWers and creators, with tools that are created specifically *for you.* The system has support for sites such as LoyalFans, Clips4Sale, IWantClips, SextPanther, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 


Keeping in mind the workload of most creators, this Masterclass is broken down into 1 module per week for 3 weeks, and then a live call/check-in with Alexandra on week 4 to answer questions and help solve roadblocks.


Each month, Alexandra will host a live Zoom call to cover the previous 3 modules and help you integrate your knowledge into this system.
You can also book 1:1 coaching calls with Alexandra for more hands on help!


Each module features 2-3 video lessons (typically 20-45 mins in length), so you can consume things at your own pace. 


Each week has a series of objectives and checkpoints to help you monitor your progress, plus helpful guides to keep you on track.


Feeling lost or stuck? Hop in the Masterclass forum and your fellow classmates can assist! 


This course includes access to Alexandra's Creator Matrix System built in Notion (a $500 value alone)

Live Class Sessions


Class Videos

Modules Per Month



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Because in 4 months, you can completely change your entire business.
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Alexandra Snow is not just a luminary in the adult industry; she is a symbol of resilience, innovation, and empowerment. With over two decades of experience, she has not only established herself as an award-winning creator in front of the camera but also as a savvy entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and educator behind the scenes. She is the subject of the documentary "A Wicked Eden" and the founder and executive director of the Autonomy Project.